A little introduction to Positiviteabags

A little introduction to Positiviteabags ✨

I’m a girl from Yorkshire (of course, we love our tea 😂) and during my own mental health journey I decided that with the help of my amazing friends and family, I wanted to do my bit to make the world a little bit of a better place. Put some positive energy out there and put a smile on peoples faces!

How am I hoping to do this? One positive moment at a time ♥  .. With a daily dose of handwritten positivity on my teatags, uplifting posts, positivity packages, some things I’ve learned along the way and accounts I’ve followed on Instagram, in the hope that it can help even just one of you… I’d like this to be an uplifting and feel-good space! The idea of Positiviteabags is that one positive moment really can make the difference. I’d like people to take a moment while the kettle is boiling to think about what their teatag says and have a moment of positivity ☕️✨

I will also be donating 15% of my profit every month to different charities such as Young Minds, Stem4 and Heads Together. I have chosen these three to start as I love the work they do and I believe that if young people and adults were given the tools and help towards building a stronger mindset it would help them massively in life. I’ll be posting who I have donated to every month on my Instagram and also the blog page!

If I could make one person smile every day with their cup of tea that would be 365 more reasons for me to smile in a year and 365 more donations to good causes! 

So click on the shop page to purchase your positiviteabags … they make the perfect gift too ☺️   ☕️